Tourism Star Award Winners 2019

World Tourism Forum Lucerne in collaboration with Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) selected the winners of our Tourism Star Award 2019. Congratulations to Gechsoun Khun, Elizabeth Mwakajila and Gursharn Singh. The winners convinced the jury with their inspiring stories and their commitment and passion for the work they do in and for the industry. The three winners received their Award on 3 May in Lucerne. Please find the photos here.

Gechsoun Khun, Cambodia

"I am passionate about developing my skills as a 'storyteller' so I can be a leader in Cambodia's tourism sector by offering guests a real insight into local culture including cuisine and arts but more so to share the stories of this experience and the local people who make our culture so vibrant and unique, with visitors from around the world."








Elizabeth Mwakajila, Tanzania

"I continue advocate on the importance of caring and maintain our natural resources especial caring for wild animals and their environment so that tourism can be sustainable for Tanzania and for the whole world."



Gursharn Singh, India

From Disc Jockey to Duty Manager.
"I was already working in a night club but somehow it was restricted to certain people only. I wanted to break the barrier."